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Convert any number of image files into nearly all known formats
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From the most common image file types to camera-specific RAW formats, 1AV Image Converter not only supports more than 100 types of image files but batch-converts any amount of files between them easily and efficiently. The program’s simplicity of use makes it suitable for all types of users, both amateur photographers, and professionals who require fast and straightforward image batch conversions.

The first thing that will surely grab your attention as soon as you start using this tool is the extensive list of image formats supported. All the usual suspects are there – such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, EPS, PNG, or PSD – together with a long list of both RAW formats for the most popular camera makes and a number of image type files that are used very rarely. Some of these output formats come with their own custom settings, which vary from type to type.

You can set the app to perform some other tasks alongside the conversion process. The tool offers rotation, flipping, resizing, and watermarking capabilities, which you can customize and then add to the core conversion process. You can resize your images by percentage or by selecting fixed width and height values. As mentioned, you can flip and rotate the files as well, and apply text and image watermarks to the resulting photographs to personalize your work. All of these tasks will be performed during the conversion process, and only if a conversion process is triggered. This means that if you want to use this tool simply to rotate all the photos in a folder, you will have to convert them as well, even if it’s just into the same format.

1AV Image Converter is not the most attractive image conversion tool out there – but its lame and somehow old-fashioned interface hides a simple yet efficient functionality that covers more image formats I never thought existed. Luckily, it includes a small preview window that will let you take a glimpse at the files selected for conversion, and its complementary editing features are also a nice addition to its flexible conversion functionality.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Converts to and from RAW formats
  • Lossless and lossy conversions
  • Batch conversion
  • Text and image watermarks
  • Lossless rotation
  • Resizes your images


  • Lame interface
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